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To Apply for a Russian Student Visa

Summary of necessary documents for your visa application

If you are a University student:

If you are an Individual student you should also obtain together with the official invitation a statement (spravka) stating your intended study arrangements at YRLC, which we will provide and the details of your personal finances if you are travelling separately from an Educational Institution. Passport, Cheque covering payment, HIV certificate and results page, ...... If you are in doubt contact the Visa Application Centre about this.

Students studying abroad
Students studying more then one language may find that in the period running up to their departure date for Russia they may be studying in France, Germany, and Spain or even further afield.
At the time of applying for their Russian Visa they will probably have to obtain their HIV certificate in that country in view of the limited validity of the HIV certificate. For British citizens it should be in English or accompanied by a translation into English if in another language (see the requirements of the Russian Visa Centre in your country).
These students can still of course complete their Visa Application Form online with the Russian Visa Application Centre, but they will need some help from their parents or friends in submitting their printed copy of the form and other documents (passport, invitation, statement letter, HIV certificate) to the Visa Centre in London or in other capital city. Some students have done this by sending all these documents to their parents from abroad. Who then sent them to the Russian Visa Centre together with the pre-paid envelope from the Post Office, which they addressed to their home address (i.e. parents). The parents then forwarded the passport completed with visa by a "secure" delivery to the student abroad (see Andrea Smith's article about her experience).

The address of the London Visa Centre:
15-17 Gee Street
Please click here for more information about visa application requirements, types, terms and fees.

NOTE: Due to recent legislation, the Russian Visa application form must be completed in electronic format (click here),  printed off, and signed.