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Study and Work Programme

Teacher Training Course

For many years now YRLC students have been successfully working with Russian children, students and adults during their stay in Yaroslavl, tutoring them in a vast array of European languages such as English, French and German. This experience has proved extremely beneficial for both the student-teacher and the Russian pupil because they both have opportunities to learn about each other’s cultures. The pupil can learn about the teacher’s native country and language, whilst the teacher can learn about the Russian culture first-hand and broaden their friendship circles. Some YRLC students have even been helping our Russian University students and young teachers to improve their spoken English. What has proved however, a common problem is that many foreign students, who want to teach while they are abroad, lack the basic understandings of how to teach their language in a coherent, easily understood way. Basic knowledge of one’s native language such as the mechanisms of grammar (particularly complex in the English language) for example identifying patterns and structures of words and sentences, are often vastly unknown (a native speaker simply speaks without giving any real thought to these complexities). This is where YRLC can help in the training of any students wishing to teach their native language to Russians.

The syllabuses of the dual Teacher Training and Russian Language Courses:

There are two options that we offer to individuals as well as university students:

  1. Beginners’ Course. This course is for those students who do not feel confident about speaking Russian and need to develop their skills and learn a basic level of conversational Russian. (15 week Course)
  2. Advanced Course. This course is for those students who feel confident speaking Russian and can easily communicate with parents and staff.  (10 week course)

A cheaper alternative to taking the TEFL course and with the added advantage of learning Russian along the way, this is a unique opportunity and great experience for the future (it also looks great on your CV).  Furthermore, teaching advice is always on hand from the experienced staff at the YRLC - for example advice on how to teach and interact with children. The staff can help you organize lesson plans and invent interactive games so that your lessons are memorable and interesting.  

This combination of a Russian Language Course and a Teacher Training Course is an ideal way of not only learning a new language but also obtaining valuable teaching skills (and earning some money). This unique and exciting dual course begins in September 2011. On arrival the students will be able to visit various Educational Institutions so that they can learn more about Teacher Training skills. The students will then be able to go out and practice their teaching skills with local families and schools. In order to ensure that both the privacy and security of the YRLC student and their tutee are maintained, official contracts are drawn up in order to prevent any awkward situations or misunderstandings occurring.  

Any money that the YRLC student is paid whilst out teaching is paid officially through the YRLC bank account. This is to ensure that the money is taxed and there is no infringement on Russian working laws (all YRLC students have student visas, which prohibits them from officially working and earning a salary. However, by banking in this way these problems are solved). The students can then use their earnings to pay for their Russia tuition at YRLC.

NOTE: some state schools/kindergartens/ universities that offer places for YRLC students to teach often do so, on a volunteer-only basis.

 If you have any queries, want more information, or are interested in booking a course at YRLC, please contact us.