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Study and Work

Gain valuable work experience and earn some money whilst studying at YRLC by teaching English and other foreign languages!

YRLC students have the opportunity to teach English and other foreign languages part-time at the private kindergarten "Giraffik" in Yaroslavl. You can teach groups of 4-6 year olds, playing games, singing songs, learning rhymes and so on. YRLC can also find private pupils for students, which gives you another chance to meet real Russians in their homes and to see their normal family life. You can baby-sit Russian children and go with them to theatres, the circus, on excursions or just for a walk along the embankment with an ice-cream...

The work is entirely flexible and non-committal. Payment is in Rubles, so it probably won't be as much as you would earn in Western Europe or the USA. No previous experience is necessary and YRLC will provide some training and advice on teaching methods at the start of your course in Yaroslavl. If you enjoy spending time with small children and particularly if you know lots of nursery rhymes, songs and games, you will be ideal for the job!

If you are not so keen on small children, you can teach Middle or High School students at the English courses run by YRLC at the Local school, there is also a possibility to teach adults and Russian students your own age. At first you can shadow Russian teachers to gain experience and then you may be given your own class to teach according to their planned course syllabus.

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