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Yaroslavl Sports


Opportunity to see the local Yaroslavl team compete in the top national league. Locomotive is one of the best teams in the country and one can watch them at their home stadium, Arena 2000 (Yaroslavl's proudest building). Prices vary, but a reasonable seat can cost you only 200 roubles (less than a cinema ticket), which are easily attainable at the side of the Dom Cultury at the end of Prospekt Talbukina.

Ice skating

There are many outdoor rinks around the town in winter and sizes vary considerably but Locomotive's Arena 2000 is always a worthwhile occasion which is open all year round. Skates are provided and all you need is a coat, hat and gloves to enjoy yourselves.

Skiing, Snowboarding and Sledging

30 mins minibus ride from Yaroslavl you will find Izgib, a small ski "resort". It has a slope of about 300 metres linked to a button lift, a nursery slope and an "extreme zone", which is comparable to many alpine ski snow parks, with a variety of kickers and rails and is also linked to a button lift to tow you back up the slope.

Parallel to the nursery slope there is a sledging course. Equipped with an inflatable ring, you descend through a short course of banked corners before catching hold of a tow rope to pull yourself back up. Prices range but you should expect to pay around 500 roubles for ski/snowboard + boots hire and an additional sum for the lift pass.

There is also a "Zorbing" on offer at a fraction of UK prices. Granted, the ride doesn't last long, but at around £6 for a taster, it's well worth a go.

During the summer, other options are available at Izgib ranging from Paintballing to 'Go Ape', a high ropes adrenaline course similar to those found in the UK.


Throughout your time at YRLC, you can take advantage of the modern gymnasium linked to the school. At just 60 roubles per session (unlimited time, whenever), many students exercise before or after school, or both. The training room itself lends itself more to free weights than high-tech equipment but, with a few specialized machines, running machine plus free fitness classes available 2-3 times a week, the rarely busy gym caters for all. I actually became fit because the gym was next door to school and very cheap and step classes were free and a great chance to meet Russian people our age. I had no excuses.


The football season starts mid may and tickets are also purchased at the Dom Cultury to watch the local team, Shinnick, play. If motivated to play yourself, it is possible to book the sports hall at the gym during the winter, and there are various pitches dotted around the town during the summer.


Tennis courts are available from the beginning of May, or whenever the snow clears. If you are not fussed by the quality of the court, there are some free courts on the "stadium" down by the embankment near the "beach". Alternatively access to more professional courts will cost 400 roubles for the hour (also at the embankment).

Rollerblading and cycling

As the snow melts and summer approaches, rollerblading and cycling are a common site along the streets of Yaroslavl. Skates and bikes are available to rent along the the embankment and will cost in the region of 100 roubles/hour for skates and a little more for bikes.

Ten-Pin Bowling and Billiard

Ten-Pin Bowling is available all-year round, and is found on Svobodi street. A recently built building, it boasts 6 lanes, "funky" lighting and a reasonably priced bar and upstairs has a pizza restaurant and a Pool/Billiards Bar at 200 roubles/hour.

Another popular Pool/Billiards bar is Evropa on Ploshad Volkova, again serving reasonably priced drinks and a good atmosphere.

Have fun!!!

James Brook-Fox (Bristol)