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Yaroslavl Shopping - with Fatima

There are plenty of shops in Yaroslavl, although you may have to hunt for them! The exterior of buildings can be rather deceptive, quite often one small shop can often lead onto a whole collection of shops that you never knew existed! It is generally in these small shops that you can find the best deals on DVDs and music (both are ridiculously cheap in comparison to the west!). These types of shops are often found along ul. Svobodi and in the main shopping streets around ul. Kirova.

There are a number of markets scattered all over the city, where you can buy anything! Haggling is common in these markets, and is recommended! Shop about because the quality in some stalls leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is at the markets where you can buy warm clothes, hats, gloves and socks for decent prices. The main markets are on ul. Pobedi tsentralny rinok, which you can get to through the archway near the Kremlin and Starii Gorod rinok which is on ul. Bolshaya Oktabriskaya near the tram terminal.

On the outskirts of the city there are a number of shopping malls, with some western stores in. The Vernisage/Real complex also has a hypermarket and a DIY home-store incase you need to buy anything. There are also good clothes shops here, a food hall and a dry cleaners! Other shopping malls include Altyer and Kosmos. Both of these are good for clothes shopping in particular! The shopping mall Pharoan, near the main bus station, has got a good number of electrical shops if you need to buy a laptop/camera etc.

Although living costs are lower in Russia, don't come here thinking that you will get absolute bargains on clothes or electrical products. The prices are often similar, if not more expensive here. Clothes in particular, are quite expensive and not always to western tastes! You can buy winter shoes from a number of stores throughout the city, the shoe world on the end of ul. Svobodi has a big collection of footwear. You can also find suitable shoes at the markets for lower prices.

You are never more than a five minute walk away from a produkti/kiosk where you can buy water/snacks etc, all at very cheap prices. There are a number of larger supermarkets dotted around the city, where you can get groceries etc. You can also get fresh or dried fruit and vegetables from the tsentralny rinok.

There are a number of book stores around the city, where you can buy very cheap Russian books, and a number of books in English.

There is a great number of Pharmacies-Aptekas around the city and you will be able to get any painkillers ,aspirin, paracetamol, coldrex and other simple medicine, also plasters, toothpastes and tooth brushes and creams. As for some serious medicine (like asthma inhalers) you will need a prescription from the doctor (the assistant director will make an appointment for you and will take you there - so don’t worry!!!).

If you suffer from anything you should let her know and it is also advisable to know the Latin name of the medicine you are taking, so you can find a European variation of the same drug.

Finally, If you feel uncertain and need help to get anything, do not hesitate to ask her or any other teacher to direct you to the best shop or cheapest shop to get those things you need (she will take you to the shop and will help you buy a winter coat or shoes) Don’t panic ! People are great here and they’ll always help you to survive!).