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Yaroslavl Restaurants, Cafés and Bars - with Benchik and Anrusha

Your khozyaika is going to be feeding you a lot, but you may find you want to escape the oil, kasha and tvorog once in a while. Luckily, nearly every other shop in Yaroslavl is a restaurant, café or bar. You’ll probably spend a lot of time in these places, and you will most likely have your own favourites. Pyatnitsa has turned out to be one of ours, as the provider of free Wi-Fi, cheap food and a decent ‘Biznes Lanch’ offer, which changes every day. In the evening, it transforms not exactly spectacularly into a club, but mainly frequented by the under-age. On the restaurant side of things, Pod Parusami is the provider of the best food in town. We particularly recommend the borsch, served in a little pot with garlic bread on top. How quaint. Service is, how shall we say, questionable, and the prices are relatively expensive for Russia (on a par with an average English greasy spoon), but the food is absolutely, definitely, without a question, worth it.

Bars in Yaroslavl are generally quite cheap. There’s a fair few places to chose from, like Indigo, Bristol’, and Aktyor. Indigo is good because you can always find seats; Bristol’ is smaller, but has a better atmosphere; Aktyor is the hangout of local Russian uni students. A half litre bottle of vodka costs upwards from 300 roubles, though the best we’ve had, Russky Standart costs in the region of 600 roubles. These bars can provide a decent night out in themselves, not just as preparation, springboard if you will, to alcoholic frolics and drunken debauchery. Different people require different things from bars, so we’ll leave you to try them out yourselves. We have, however, given you a head start with the restaurants: