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The following are the current prices for attending YRLC. Please contact us for details if you need clarification about any of the costs (NOTE: * Admin - sent before the course to cover the price for the visa invitation, registration and multi entry visa, issued while you are in Yaroslavl to extend your single entry student visa.  

* Homestay - This includes: bed, breakfast and dinner).

The taxi from Moscow to Yaroslavl is organized individually, if required. The recent price for the group taxi is 1500 rubles, for the individual one is 4500 rubles.

NOTE: All prices quoted in Euro below are rough guides. Costs will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.

Courses - all the courses provide 4 hours a day, 5 days a week of classes with a 30 minute lunch break between every two hours. The course consists of 6 subjects: Conversation, Phonetics, Russian Literature, English - Russian Translation, News and Newspaper, Grammar.

Homestay - All the students stay with a hospitable family or 'khozyayka' (hostess), offering breakfast in the morning and dinner at 6 or 7 p.m.

Laundry - Your hostess will provide a laundry service once a week. You will need to hand them any laundry you may have in a plastic bag.

Tickets - We arrange a week of arrival for each course and give you the details of the transfers from the airports to Yaroslavl. You choose how to get to Moscow and then to Yaroslavl. You can either fly to Moscow, or fly to a European city and get the train or plane to Moscow, and then a train to Yaroslavl (from Yaroslavskiy vokzal). We can also organise a taxi or a bus from Moscow airport. Students all coming from the same university can book group flights and will definitely be met at the airport!!!

Insurance - You are responsible for organizing your own travel and medical insurance. But if anything should happen to your health, we offer you medical help and take you to a hospital. You can consult a specialist, get prescriptions, if necessary stay in hospital, have a doctor visit you at your homestay and have all necessary check ups. Now most hospitals offer medical help with a charge. You will have to pay all the bills at the time of treatment and then take receipts to your insurance company who should pay you back. Prices for medical care in Russia are extremely cheap in comparison to the UK or the USA. For example seeing a doctor for a consultation will cost you between 500 - 800 rubles.

Course fees - can be paid in rubles by cash at the Centre. If paid into the Centre's bank account ( e-mailed when required) the student should ensure that his bank transfers to Yaroslavl the amount required in rubles( i.e. the exchange rate for foreign currencies varies from day to day) and ensure that any bank charges required for the transfer are met by the overseas student.

Courier cost - The cost of forwarding your official visa invitation from Yaroslavl by DHL (or other courier if requested) to your UK, US, EU address ranges between 2000- 4000 rubles (see, which individual students pay on arrival. In case of students on a group course this charge is covered in their administration fee.