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Yaroslavl for the Non-White

Fatima Tariq (Birmingham)

My name is Fatima and I am a Muslim who has decided to study in Yaroslavl’. I originally came here in September 2007 for 18 weeks but decided to stay longer. I decided to stay because the teaching is very good, the city is great and because I feel safe here. I have never experienced any racial prejudice here. There is a mosque, which I go to regularly and I have had the chance to meet many Russian Muslims. Russians are very curious and are often interested to meet people from different backgrounds. I have really enjoyed my time here and feel at home.

Naomi Lecomte (Oxford)

I’m on the 32 week course which was an incredibly daunting prospect. I live with a wonderful khozyaika which makes for good Russian practice. I was told Yaroslavl would be dangerous but to be honest I feel perfectly safe here. Like anywhere, there are things you shouldn’t do but if you’re sensible, Yaroslavl will be great fun! Do prepare to be stared at constantly, be approached by strangers and even photographed…but with a good sense of humour, you’ll get by fine!