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Travel from Moscow to Yaroslavl

You have two choices: by road or by train. The easiest, more convenient-especially if encumbered with baggage and probably more economical option is by road. Details of both are outlined below:

YRLC can arrange for a car, mini-bus or bus to meet you at either of Moscow's two international airports -
Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo. The driver or a representative of YRLC, carrying a YRLC placard, will be awaiting you in the arrivals hall .The driver or representative of YRLC will have details of your host family and transport you directly to them. The journey from the airport to Yaroslavl takes roughly 5 hours( 300 km), depending on traffic conditions.

The cost for the service at the moment is : Individual passengers met by car: 5500 roubles. Groups arriving for a set course on the same date, who are paying the administrative fee, will be met by bus and will not pay the additional fee for the bus transfer.

There are public buses, private mini-buses( marshrutka) and express trains* run direct from both Sheremetevo 2 and Domodedovo airports at regular intervals to the centre of Moscow ( some Moscow metro stations). The train journey takes about 45 minutes. On arrival in Moscow centre (some metro station) you will need to transfer from the Metro to travel to the mainline "Yaroslavl" station ("Yaroslavskiy vokzal"). The journey from the Yaroslavskiy vokzal to Yaroslavl takes about 5 hours. There are up to 6 trains each day to Yaroslavl, including 2 express ones (see online). Please note however that some trains run on even dates and others on non-even (po-chyotnim/po-nechyotnim dnyam).

Prices per ticket to Yaroslavl vary from 350-1500 roubles, depending on class of ticket. Depending on your flight arrival time, you may find it necessary to stay overnight in Moscow, which can be expensive. If you wish to be met on your arrival in Yaroslavl, and transported to your host family, you will need to contact YRLC in advance to inform them of your arrival time. The cost of a car from Yaroslavl Glavniy vokzal (the name of the Yaroslavl train station you will arrive at) to your host will be between 200-500 roubles, depending on the distance.

*Details of the express train services from the airports to Moscow city centre are given below: **From Domodedovo: Train from airport runs to "Povelyetskiy Vokzal", a mainline station every hour. From Vokzal you walk by a tunnel (about 10-15 min) to the adjoining "Povelyetskaya" metro station where you take a metro train to "Komsomolskaya" metro station where you exit to the surface to the Yaroslavl main line station ("Yaroslavskiy Vokzal"). The cost of a ticket from Domodedovo airport to "Povelyetskiy Vokzal" is approx. 200-250rubles.

***From Sheremetyevo 2:Train from airport runs to "Savyolovskiy" mainline station ("Savyolovskiy Vokzal") every hour or 30 min. From the mainline station you walk to the adjoining "Savyolovskaya" metro station and take a train to "Komsomolskaya" metro station as described above. The cost of the ticket from airport to "Savyolovskiy Vokzal" is 250 roubles.

!!! Wish to spend several days in Moscow before travelling to Yaroslavl ???

If for personal reasons you wish to spend several days in Moscow before travelling to Yaroslavl by train, you should bear in mind the Russian legal requirement that foreigners must register with the local authorities within 3 working days of their arrival in Russia. To prove the date of your arrival keep your ticket with you all the time!!! If you are not going to arrive in Yaroslavl in time to fulfil this requirement, you will need to register in Moscow or whichever town you are staying in (all the hotels have a right to register foreigners). Failure to do so is considered a serious offence, and if stopped on the street by the police for a document check and you had not registered in the required period, you could be taken to the police station for questioning and fined about 3500 roubles. If however you arrive in Yaroslavl in time to be registered with the 3 working day period, YRLC will carry out the necessary registration for you.

If you have any queries, want more information, or are interested in booking a course at YRLC, please
contact us.

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