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Students and all people travelling to Russia should bear in mind that in most Russian towns, apart from Moscow and St. Petersburg, they will need to carry US dollars or Euros to exchange for Rubles, as few banks will exchange Pounds Sterling for Rubles, and if they do ,the rate of exchange will be poor. In Yaroslavl itself US dollars and Euros are equally easy exchanged. Mind ,that you should show your passport to do it and also note that Russian banks will only exchange Rubles for near mint US dollar or Euro notes, and will not accept worn or torn notes( or will charge 5-10 % ).

Traveller's cheques
In general it is better not to take traveller's cheques to Russia. In Yaroslavl it is not possible to exchange them at all.

Credit/Debit cards
The majority of United Kingdom, US and EU debit and credit cards are acceptable by banks in Yaroslavl and can be used on their ATM cash machines. You should of course check with your bank that your credit /debit card is valid in Russia. As in the UK and elsewhere in the world, you should be cautious about using your debit/credit cards late at night in an ATM on the street. Most banks, as well as supermarkets and leisure centres, have cash points within the building itself .You can only draw up to 10 000 roubles in one transaction on your card. If you require further roubles , you will need to repeat the transaction. Mind ,that you should not carry all your cards in the same bag ,use one at a time and leave the rest at your home stay place. On your arrival to Yaroslavl you will be shown to the bank and will be able to ask any questions you have.