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Life at YRLC

When you come to YRLC, as well as studying Russia, we encourage you to immerse yourself in Russian culture and traditions.

To truly experience the Russian lifestyle, we will normally arrange for you to stay with a Russian host family, although there are other types of accommodation available if you prefer. You can see the types of accommodation available here.

We arrange several extra-curricular and cultural activities after lessons. You can view some of these activities here.

There will be a possibility to
study and work with Russian little children, school children or adults, teaching English and other languages to help fund your stay at YRLC.

YRLC offers you the chance to visit many places in and around Yaroslavl, as well as helping you to travel further afield in Russia if you so wish. Details of some of our trips and excursions are detailed here.

YRLC has now build up some traditions of it’s own, and these are detailed here.

If you have any queries, want more information, or are interested in booking a course at YRLC, please contact us.