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Trips and Excursions

Yaroslavl is full of interesting places to visit. YRLC provides the students with a minibus and organizes all the day trips so that they can enjoy their Russian experience fully. Details of some of these trips are shown below.

Students who come in winter or spring usually like to go to the outdoor skating rinks. There are several of these on the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers. There are also several places to ski - the “Dyomino” resort has a big mountain for professional skiers and the “Izgib” resort is for the more amateur skiers.

A trip to Izgib

One of the most popular day trips is to “Izgib”. Everyone can find things to enjoy there. Those who can’t ski or snowboard can have fun sledging and enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant there. Alternatively, they can bring their own meat and make shashliki on a BBQ and afterwards enjoy the peace and quiet in a little wooden hut in the forest. Here, in the forest, there is also a traditional Russian sauna, where you can experience the true Russian banya and if you're brave enough jump into the ice cold outside pool. (picture in the sauna) ( see the excitement of some of the students in the pictures in the gallery)

In summer there are many different activities in “Izgib” such as “military camp games” with rope climbing(similar to 'going ape') and paint balling (see the pictures)

A trip to Rostov Veliky.
There is a beautiful architectural ensemble here, called the Kremlin, with many interesting churches, museums and a bell tower you can climb and see the biggest bell in Russia-Sisoy. You also get the unique chance to take pictures dressed up in old traditional Russian costumes.(picture) Rostov is famous all over the world for its traditional craft called “
Finift”. It is a unique technique of enamel painting. Some students have painted and made jewellery in the master classes, which they have thoroughly enjoyed.(picture of Iain)

A trip to the Horse Riding School in Parkovo and a picnic on the Yaroslavl Lake Baikal
There is a small horse-riding school on the edge of the city where you can ride a horse in the fields or gallop through the forest. On the opposite side there is a national park area with a pine wood and a man-made lake called Baikal because of its size. There you can have a picnic, go for walks or play outdoor games.(picture)

A boat trip to Tolga Monastery
This trip involves a lovely journey along the Volga river to Tolga, a beautiful working monastery, with lots of flowers and a wonderful tranquil atmosphere. (picture)

A trip to Myshkin
This is another boat trip along the Volga to a quaint, little Russian town, named after a mouse. Here, there is a unique museum of mice, where you can see all imaginable and unimaginable varieties of mice.

A trip to the Rybinsk Sea
This is a huge man-made water reservoir, made under Stalin's orders. The building of this saw the whole town of Mologa submerged. It is now a beautiful  national water reserve with thick forests around, which makes it an ideal camping, fishing and boating spot. There is also a unique fish laboratory (it used to be secret until the time of Perestroyka).They specialise in breeding rare species of fish such as sturgeon, famous for its black caviar. Ten kilos of this caviar were eaten on a floating restaurant during Millennium of Yaroslavl. It is considered as precious as diamonds.

A trip to Kukoboi

Kukoboi is the name of a little village in a forest where, according to the legend, is the birthplace of the famous Russian fairytale heroine - Baba Yaga. You can still visit her there and she will welcome you with pies and shchee (traditional Russian cabbage soup) made in a Russian stove. She will also entertain you, sing songs and play games. Visiting the babushka is usually an unforgettable experience. There are even some tourists who are said to be charmed by her, so much so that they come to visit her every year.

A trip to Nekrasovskoye

Nekrasovskoye is the birth place of the famous Russian poet Nokolai Nekrasov. He lived and worked there and the atmosphere still today reflects this old Russian way of life. The mansion (manor) house is now preserved as a museum. There is also a lovely wood around the house and a stream. It is a  very poetic place for those who consider themselves true romantics.

Trips to Moscow or St. Petersburg, Baltic states or Far East, The Baikal Lake or The Urals, the Crimea or Kazakhstan, Ukraine or Belarus, Archangelsk, Vladivostok, etc.

We help you to organize your journey wherever you want to go and to make your dream trips come true. We cooperate with the tourist agency MKS Travel and they help our students to book the cheapest tickets, hotels or hostels. This takes all of the pressure and stress off organising the trip. (It also means you don't have to face the scary ticketing ladies at the station or worry about your Russian when trying to explain what you want).


We have a long- term partnership with a resort in the Crimea and in Irkutsk on the lake Baikal. We have been sending  our students there for many years and they are always happy to welcome new students.

So don't miss out on these fabulous opportunities!