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Current Courses at YRLC

Individual Courses

We organize individual courses for masters students, professionals such as interpreters, businessmen, engineers, cooks, pharmacists and now even aircraft engineers. They can be of any required length and intensity.

And fun courses for school children during the holidays when we combine classes with entertainment such as skiing, snowboarding, skating in winter and hiking, paintball, boating, horse riding in summer.

Please contact us for details.

Group Courses (all 18 weeks in length)

- 22nd February - 24th June  (Date of arrival 20th February. Spring break 4th April to 10th April)  

- 22nd August - 24th December  (Date of arrival 20th August. Autumn break 3rd October to 9th October)  

- 20th February - 24th June  (Date of arrival 19th February. Spring break 3rd April to 9th April)  

- 21st August - 22nd December  (Date of arrival 19th August. Autumn break 2nd October to 8th October)

- 19th February - 24th June  (Date of arrival 17th February. Spring break 2nd April to 8th April)


All 18 week group courses have 16 studying weeks and 2 weeks off (please note that there are no longer any 13 week group courses available).
All the students are offered to obtain Multi-Entry Visas while they study at YRLC.
This gives them an opportunity to travel around Russia or go home or on holiday during their breaks.

The day of arrival of every course is Saturday, Sunday is a Day with a Family (to explore things around) and Monday is the beginning of the course.

Students must buy their own travel tickets for the appropriate date, shown on the website, and inform YRLC about their travel arrangements so that any transfers from Moscow airport to Yaroslavl can be arranged.

NOTE: Students from the same Universities are asked to organise their groups and fly all together.