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Courses Available at YRLC

As well as the currently scheduled courses, we can also offer the courses detailed below (please indicate the level and the length of the course you require in your application form. For any information about any course, please contact us.):

1. Russian Courses for University students (group and individual)

2. Year abroad Russian Courses (group and individual)

3. Russian for Beginners (group and individual)

4. Group courses of Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels

5. Professional Russian (IT, technical, Media, Medical, Teaching, Law, etc.)


6. Business Russian for Beginners (group and individual)

7. Business Russian for Intermediate Students (group and individual)

8. Business Russian for Professional level (group and individual)

9. Corporative Courses for Different Businesses (of any level and length)

10. Russian Cinema Study (Soviet, Post-Soviet, Modern and etc.)

11. Russian Culture Study (art, music, ballet, architecture, etc.)

12. Russian Literature Study (ancient legends, Russian Classics, Silver Age, Soviet, Post-Soviet, Modern Literature and etc.)

13. Russian Music and Theatre Course (The first theatre in Russia (the Volkov Theatre) is in Yaroslavl, as well as a Philharmonic Hall, where you can listen to the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra and Organ)

14. Russian History Study (any period of History of Russia you are interested in)

15. NEW - Teacher Training Course (for students who want to combine studying Russian and working with Russian children teaching English (or French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) as a foreign language.

16. Easter Refresher Course “Brush up your Russian before the exams”

17. Summer School “Learn Russian and Travel around Russia” (summer Russian course combined with traveling around the towns of Golden Ring of Russia)

18. Russian Winter School “Learn Russian and Enjoy Russian Winter”(Winter Russian course combined with winter sports and entertainments)

19. Russian for Chinese speaking students

20. Russian for Japanese speaking students

21. Russian for Korean speaking students

22. Russian for German speaking students

23. Russian for French speaking students

24. Russian for Italian speaking students

25. Russian for Spanish speaking students

26. Russian for Indonesian speaking students

27. Russian for American speaking students

We also run:

28 “Russian for New Russian Citizens” (for former Soviet Union Republics’ citizens)

29. “English School” (English for Russian speakers)

30. “Chinese School” (Chinese for Russian speakers)

31. Tours around the cities of Golden Ring of Russia - no study

32. Cultural Exchange Programmes

33. Study and Work Programmes in Yaroslavl and nearby towns and cities.