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Courses at YRLC

YRLC run several different types of courses throughout the year. The standard course syllabuses are detailed below, however courses can also be customised to your requirements. Please contact us for details.    

Please note all the course hours shown above are group hours (normally from 5 - 8 students in a group. Students seeking and requiring individual hours should discuss their Course Syllabus in advance before their coming to Russia. All the teachers are ready to help students individually or make any changes in the course when asked by students, so do not hesitate to ask if you don't understand something.

Course Books on each subject according to the course level are given to the students at the beginning of the course. These course books are edited by our teachers each year based on their experiences and materials obtained from well-known Grammar Books and text-books by English authors such as Terence Wade, Derek Offord, American authors: Zita Dabars, Lilia Vokhmina, George W. Morris, Mark N. Vyatyutnev, Genevra Gerhart, Kristine Kershul, Robert W. Blair and also Russian authors such as Pulkina, S.A. Vishnyakov, N.S. Novikova, T.V. Shustikova, M.N. Anikina, G.I. Volodina and others.