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To Apply for a Russian Visa whilst abroad in another Foreign Country

For British Citizens, if you are abroad in a foreign country at the time when your visa invitation is issued, you have two options when applying for your visa.

  1. You could wait until you are back home in the UK and visit the Russian Visa Application Centre in London. The address of the application centre is: 15-17 Gee Street, London EC1V 3RD. If you decide to do this, you would have to submit your documents on one day and then return to the application centre the following day to collect your passport with your completed visa. This option is more expensive but much quicker. The documents you would need to take with you are as follows: Passport, completed Application Form, 1 Passport sized photograph, Cover Letter, HIV Test Results (valid 3 months before departure date), the Visa Invitation and Postal Order.

  1. You could apply whilst abroad by sending your documents by post to the Russian Visa Application Centre in London. In order to do this, you will need to send your Passport, completed Application Form, 1 Passport sized photograph, Cover Letter, HIV Test Results (valid 3 months before departure date), the Visa Invitation and Postal Order to: Russia Visa Application Centre
    PO Box 64391
    EC1P 1NJ

Please note the address to submit your application in person is different to the address you must send your documents to if you so wish to submit your application via post. Please read the details above very carefully to ensure you are sending/visiting the correct place at the correct address.

If you do decide to send your documents from a foreign country to the Application Centre in London, remember to send your documents via Special Recorded Delivery as this allows you to track your documents using a tracking number which you will be given at the Post Office.

When I applied for my Russian Visa, I was abroad in France at the time. My Visa Invitation was sent home to my parents in the UK. Once they had received this, I was able to fill out an Application Form online. To do this, I went here.

I then followed the instructions online to complete my application form. Once complete, I printed the form and attached a Passport sized photograph of myself which I had taken at a photo booth. I then signed the form and sent it back to my parents at home. As well as the Application Form, I also sent my HIV Test Results and Certificate. This should be valid 3 months before your departure date. I had done at a local laboratory. The test was just a quick blood test. I did not have to be registered at a local doctors. I simply went to the local lab and had my test done straight away and collected my results the very next day. (However, please note this does depend on the laboratory as some may have longer waiting times and processing times for results may vary). I then sent the results to my parents, along with my Application Form and Passport.

The Cover letter is a letter from your University/College which verifies that you are required to go abroad and gives the details of the course abroad you wish to attend. This is usually a letter from your Russian department and is usually completed by your Year Abroad Officer. My Cover Letter was sent out to my parents' address.

Once everything has been sent to your home address, your parents should have:

Your parents should then take all of the above documents to the post office and ask for a Postal Order to be made out to RNT Ltd. Cash it not accepted.

Then, once everything has been sent to the Application Centre, you just have to wait. Passports are usually returned within a week but this depends on demand at the time.

Then your parents will just have to send your passport back to you in the country you are in.

If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to contact the Russian Visa Application Centre on: +44 207 490 2257 - or email:

Good Luck!

Andrea Smith (Nottingham).