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There are many places to stay in Yaroslavl, and depending on your preference, you can stay in a hotel, an apartment, or you can live with a host family. To fully experience the Russian way of life and culture, we would recommend staying with a host. However, we do understand that may be a bit daunting for some students.

Life with a Host

Before coming to Russia, the idea of living with a host is quite daunting, however it is nothing to worry about! Most of the hosts in Yaroslavl have had students stay with them in the past, so they are used to having lodgers!
If you inform the school of any requirements that you have, they will do their best to match you to a host that can accommodate them! For example if you would like to live somewhere without pets, this can be sorted out!

The apartment you live in will have all the basic things that you need, however, don't think that it will be like a western apartment! You will be given your own bedroom, and you will have your own keys to the flat so you can come and go as you please. Your bedroom will have the basic things (bed, wardrobe, storage etc.) and will be quite comfortable. Not all the apartments have separate lounges, so it is a good idea to bring a laptop with you, so you can watch DVDs and listen to music!

Your host will treat you like a member of the family, which means that they will care for you. At times, it may seem like they are treating you like a child but it is only because they worry. If you are polite and considerate, and inform them of where you are going and an approximate time that you will be back home, they will be fine with you going out at night!
The food in Russia is not to everyone's taste, and the amount of fried food can tire you out after a while. If you let your host know the foods you prefer to eat, and are honest when you don't like something, they won't take offence if you don't eat it! Don't eat it just to be polite, if you do, they will think you like it and will keep on feeding it to you! If you have any dietary requirements, your host will be more than able to prepare you suitable food. Although vegetarian options are rather limited in Russia, your host will try her best to ensure you eat a variety of meals.

Living with a host is an ideal way of improving your Russian, as you have more exposure to the language than you would if you were living in a hotel.

Stay in your own Apartment

It is possible to rent an apartment during your stay, where you would be responsible for you own food and laundry.

Stay in a Hotel

Yaroslavl contains several hotels that cover most price ranges. YRLC are affiliated with and recommend the St. George Hotel. This is a new European Class hotel. We can of course advise about other hotels if necessary.

Please specify your preferred type of accommodation in you application.